Undergraduate Certificate in Islamic Studies

The Islamic Studies Certificate

This Certificate encompasses the study of Muslim and Islamic artistic, cultural, historical, intellectual, linguistic, literary, philosophical, political, religious, sociological and scientific presence, and impact on human society over the past one and a half millennia. It allows Yale College students to curate their courses relating to Muslims and to Islam. It will be of interest to non-humanities majors with a strong interest in Islamic Studies; social science and humanities majors wishing to complement their existing interests with coursework in Islamic Studies; and self-identifying Muslim students for whom such a certificate offers an ideal way academically to explore their heritage. 

Requirements of the Certificate

Number of courses  Successful completion of 5 course credits 

Distribution of courses 1 course in each of the four content areas; 1 elective from any of the four content areas 

Additional requirements attendance of 3 lectures on Islamic Studies, and submission of a 1–2 page write-up for each

Certificate Director 

Supriya Gandhi (2022–23)